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  • The seasons are changing and so are our prices.  Original Kit, Colesman 510 Kits, Mega T Colesman Kits, and Max Colesman Kits are all on sale.  In addition, the Max Colesman Kit is upgraded and now comes with a Pro Tank 2 as well as two replaceable coils.
  • StarKittle flavored Coles E-Juice has arrived and offers a citrus sweet burst of flavor.  Available online and at all our stores by Friday 10/17.
  • Want to give the gift of a better alternative to smoking!  Purchase $60 on gift cards and get a free $10 card.
  • There are 2 flavors of Coles E-Juice for the month of October....Pumpkin Spice and Banana Nut!
  • 1 Year Warranty on all of our Electronic Cigarettes Kits
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00.

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